Toy Trains lets you build and play with train sets in VR

Toy Trains lets you build and play with train sets in VR

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Created by former Superhot developers, Toy Trains promises to be a creative and cozy VR experience.

The new Polish VR studio Something Random describes the game as follows:

“In a world where vintage toys and forgotten treasures spring to life, prepare to embark on a remarkable journey to an imaginative realm where the familiar clink of tracks and the echoes of laughter from yesteryears come together in a symphony of creativity and exploration. It’s all about imagination, logical thinking, having fun and… trains!”

Creativity plays a big role in Toy Trains, but the studio hints that the VR game will offer more, namely open-ended challenges and a nostalgic story.

Toy Trains will be released for all major VR platforms

A first trailer shows how you interact with the world and complete tasks. You pick up tracks, trains and decorations from a book and place them in the landscape. Apparently, there will also be fires that you’ll have to put out. So Toy Trains might have more elements of building sims than you’d think, and be just as addictive.

“Yeah, I’ll give you a quote in a sec, just need to finish this loop, and now put this flower garden here, and maybe change this track over there, and…” says Cezary Skorupka, CEO of Something Random.

Toy Trains will be released for Meta Quest and SteamVR in the fourth quarter of 2023. A release for Playstation VR 2 and Pico is expected to follow later.

Those visiting Gamescom will be able to try out the VR game in Hall 10.2 – booth E040.

Toy Trains is the first project from Random Something. The studio is dedicated to creating games that are “universally understandable and enjoyable”. More information can be found on the studio’s official website.

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