There might be a Quest Pro 2. There might not be.

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On Instagram, Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth commented on the recent reports of a possible stop in development of a Quest Pro 2: “There is no Quest 2 Pro headset until we decide there is. What I mean by that is, we have lots of prototype headsets, lots of them, all in development in parallel. Some of them we say: That’s not the right one, we shut it down. Some of them we say: That’s the right one, we speed it up. Until it goes out the door, it doesn’t get a name. So there might be a Quest Pro 2. There might not be. Don’t believe everything you read about what’s been stopped or started. A lot of times it comes from somebody who was unhappy because their particular project got cut. When there are other projects that did not get cut.”

Sources: Boztank (Instagram)

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