“The winner takes it all!”


In the race for AI supremacy, there are two possible winners and the EU. An overview and assessment of the status quo.

The global race to develop the best AI systems is in full swing. For years, the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America have been engaged in a technological race comparable to the arms and space races of the Cold War.

But what is this AI race all about? Why are world powers so interested in this technology and what are they doing to stay ahead? Where is the EU in this race?

Artificial intelligence: an all-rounder

The two countries’ interest in AI is largely due to the technology’s versatility – it is a key technology that can be used in almost any field.


In particular, AI’s ability to increase overall economic competitiveness and productivity, as well as military upgrades to weapons systems, has sparked interest in Washington and Beijing. While AI is a tool that makes everyday life easier for individual users, the technology is increasingly becoming a strategic asset for states.

With experts predicting that we are at the dawn of a new AI-driven industrial revolution, it is not surprising that rival nations are also investing heavily in this area in order to gain a leading position in tomorrow’s global economy – “The Winner Takes It All”.

But what exactly are the two rivals doing to win this race?

China: Vision and strategy

The starting gun for the “AI race” was fired back in 2017. In July of that year, the government of the People’s Republic of China published the “Next Generation AI Development Plan”. In it, China declared the development, research, and implementation of artificial intelligence to be a national priority, while aiming to become a global leader in these fields by 2030.

As part of its initiative, China has begun to invest billions of dollars in IT and AI companies and to promote research. With success: At the practical level, the People’s Republic trains around 1.4 million engineers every year, a full third of them in the field of AI. China also excels in the theoretical-scientific field. Nine of the ten most prestigious AI research institutions are located in China alone, which is already supplying the scientific community with publications in terms of both quantity and quality.


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