Star Wars Jedi Knight II got a port for Meta Quest and Pico 4

Star Wars Jedi Knight II got a port for Meta Quest and Pico 4

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11. April 2023:

The VR mod for “Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast” is now available to everyone for free in the Sidequest store for Meta Quest (2, Pro) and Pico 4. This was announced by Grant Bagwell from Team Beef via Twitter.

Players need to own the original game, from which files are copied to the VR headset via sideloading. A recent trailer shows that lightsaber throws in particular benefit from the new VR motion controls.

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A mod by the busy Team Beef makes the Star Wars classic Jedi Knight II playable on Meta Quest.

In 2002, Lucas Arts (now part of Lucasfilm Ltd.) and developer Raven Software gave the gaming world a special experience in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is primarily a shooter. However, a focus on swordplay as well as light and dark Force powers provide a lot of variety, especially in the later gameplay.

Thanks to a mod, Quest users can now use VR headsets to understand why the game fascinated so many series fans at the time. Simon Brown, known as Dr. Beef, announced the release of the modification on Twitter, which makes the entire campaign playable in virtual reality.

Team Beef brings Jedi Knight II to the Quest.

It will run on all devices on the Quest platform, including the Quest 2 (review) and Quest Pro (info). As usual with the team’s projects, this is not an official port.

To use it, however, you need to own the original game, from which files are copied to the VR headset via sideloading (guide). The original game is currently available on Steam for $10.

Currently, only Patreon supporters of Team Beef get access to the implementation, which is in a fully playable development stage. Starting at $6.22 Euros per monthinterested parties get access to all ports in development, including Jedi Knight Outcast.

Later, the completed mod will be released, again for free to all interested parties via Sidequest (which now even handles sideloading without a PC). Brown already announced that other headsets will also get a later version. According to the developer, these will not necessarily be standalone devices. So future versions of the mod for PC VR are not unlikely.

Mods for other VR headsets

Recently, Team Beef also announced retro ports for the Pico 4 (review). This is made possible by the switch from the old Oculus SDK to the open development standard OpenXR. Later, conversions for Quest 3 (info) and Valve Deckard could follow.

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