Someone is already playing Beat Saber on Apple Vision Pro

Someone is already playing Beat Saber on Apple Vision Pro

Image: Shiny Quagsire

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A developer has managed to stream and play Beat Saber on Vision Pro in decent quality.

Vision Pro has been available in the U.S. for just ten days, and enthusiast programmers are already pushing the limits of what’s possible with the device. Among them is a group led by Zhuowei Zhang, J. Walter Weatherman, and Max Thomas who are trying to make PC VR streaming work on the Vision Pro.

Their software is based on ALVR, an open-source alternative to Air Link, Steam Link and Virtual Desktop. Thomas has made great progress in the last few days, as he shows himself playing Beat Saber using the VisionOS version of ALVR. I’ve embedded his video further down below.

Virtual Desktop is also in development for Vision Pro

Thomas plays Beat Saber with the index controllers as Vision Pro does not include or support VR controllers. He apparently uses the OpenVR Space Calibrator tool for calibration.

The hurdles to playing Beat Saber on Vision Pro are considerable, as you need two index controllers and base stations in addition to the headset. At this early stage, the programmers are probably more concerned with providing a proof of concept, but it will be interesting to see where this software goes, especially since it has come a long way in just a few days.

Virtual desktop developer Guy Godin also recently expressed interest in porting his application to Vision Pro, but told UploadVR that this could take months because he would have to develop for VisionOS rather than Android. The iVRy team, which is working on getting Playstation VR 2 to work on a PC, is also looking to develop a streaming solution.

If you want to try out ALVR for VisionOS for yourself, you can download the code from Github.

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