Pistol Whip gets an official modding tool, Open Beta starting today

Pistol Whip gets an official modding tool, Open Beta starting today

Image: Cloudhead Games

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With the official modding tool Pistol Mix, fans can now create their own levels for Pistol Whip.

The open beta starts today. Those interested can download the program on the Cloudhead Games Discord server or on the modding platform mod.io. The official launch of the modding tool is scheduled for May 31st.

The new modding functionality only applies to the PC VR version of the game.

Fans can build custom levels from the ground up, choosing their own soundtrack, enemy selection and placement, environmental design, colors and lighting, special effects, and more.

“From new reimaginings of iconic game experiences, to sheer meme madness, the ability to mod VR games has become a beloved backbone of the community,” the studio writes. “The team at Cloudhead Games is thrilled to throw open the doors to the VR modding community, inviting them to remix this classic game to their own unique beat, and create the Scenes of their dreams.”

Pistol Whip: A VR classic gets modding support

Modding platform Mod.io will become the official hub for user-generated levels. Starting May 31st, you’ll be able to search and launch them on Mod.io or directly in the PC VR version of the game. Detailed documentation on the tool and its features is available on Mod.io.

In the video below, you can see a level designer building a scene with Pistol Mix from the ground up.

Pistol Whip is one of the most successful VR games, with over one million players. Since its launch in late 2019, the title has grown considerably, adding new levels, two story campaigns, and a plethora of modifiers to add variety to the game.

Want to get started with Pistol Whip modding right away? Download Pistol Mix from Mod.io.

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