OpenAI’s roadmap suffers from GPU shortage


As part of his trip to Europe, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman gave an update on OpenAI’s roadmap.

According to Altman, the lack of computing power is slowing down OpenAI’s near-term plans and leading to customer complaints about the reliability of OpenAI’s API.

The GPU shortage also limits the API for fine-tuning models, he said. OpenAI does not yet use more efficient fine-tuning methods such as low-rank adaptation (LoRA), which has been very useful to the open-source community.

The 32k context window version of GPT-4 is also not yet deployable due to a lack of computing power, and access to private models with budgets over $100,000 is limited. Still, Altman believes that a context window of up to one million tokens is realistic this year.


Anything beyond that, he says, will require solving the “O(n^2)” scaling problem for transformer model attention: As the size of the context window increases, the amount of computation required increases as the square of the number of tokens. Doubling the size of the context window quadruples the computation, tripling it ninefold, and so on. Solving this problem, Altman says, will require a scientific breakthrough.

Making GPT-4 cheaper

Reducing the cost of GPT-4 computation is a top priority for OpenAI. Already from GPT-3 to GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT, OpenAI was able to massively reduce the cost of computation. This has been passed on to customers through significantly lower API costs.

The latest models should be available within the year via the fine-tuning API, as well as a new API that can remember previous conversations, so they don’t have to be sent again with each new API call. This will further reduce costs.

ChatGPT’s plugins, on the other hand, are unlikely to make it into the API, according to Altman. He believes that ChatGPT in apps is more interesting than apps in ChatGPT. According to Altman, the plugins, except for browsing, still lack product-market fit.

In this context, Altman assures that OpenAI is not planning any other products besides ChatGPT, as they would rather not compete with their developer community. The vision for ChatGPT is to optimize the OpenAI APIs and provide an intelligent assistant. There are many other applications for language models that OpenAI will not touch.


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