OpenAI is rolling out its most powerful model for ChatGPT

OpenAI’s latest update brings previously hard-to-get GPT-4-32k to ChatGPT, users report. OpenAI is gradually rolling out the new “GPT-4 (All Tools)” model, which automatically selects the best tools such as Browsing, Advanced Data Analytics, or DALL-E 3. A look at the model’s metadata reveals that it is likely to be the GPT-4 model with 32,000 token context windows controlled by a system prompt of just under 2,700 tokens.

GPT-4-32k has only been available through the OpenAI API and to selected users, while Anthropic’s competitor Claude has been offering a chatbot with 100,000 token context windows for some time. Larger context windows allow the processing of larger amounts of text, for example, longer PDFs, without the need for an external vector database.

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Max is managing editor at THE DECODER. As a trained philosopher, he deals with consciousness, AI, and the question of whether machines can really think or just pretend to.

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