OpenAI delays GPT store, but “other great updates” will come sooner


OpenAI’s GPT Store was supposed to be released in November, but has been delayed until next year.

This was announced by OpenAI in a newsletter, presumably referring to Sam Altman’s unexpected 4.5 days layoff: “While we had expected to release it this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy!”

GPTs are custom instances of ChatGPT that users can create directly in ChatGTP. OpenAI’s vision is that the best chatbots can be sold through a marketplace, much like apps in an app store. The creators of these bots will receive an undisclosed share of ChatGPT’s revenue.

OpenAI does not give an exact date for the marketplace’s launch in the new year, but promises “other great updates” before then.



A possible new feature: A supposedly leaked screenshot shows that OpenAI may be working on a new version of ChatGPT that learns from all the chat data entered into an account and will supposedly become more useful over time.

Memorized information can be transferred from one chat to the next, or deleted from the chatbot’s memory via a chat message. The feature has not yet been confirmed, but previous updates have leaked in the same way, with early users receiving update windows in their ChatGPT instance and sharing them online.

Image: via Ruben Hassid, LinkedIn

OpenAI comments on file download for GPTs

In the newsletter, OpenAI also comments for the first time on the issue that files uploaded to individual GPTs can be downloaded by other users simply by asking for a download link.

This is apparently not a security hole that OpenAI wants to close. The download is possible once the code interpreter for a GPT is enabled, OpenAI writes. A warning has been added and further feedback is welcome.

Since its launch in early November, the Actions configuration interface has been optimized, one-click testing has been enabled, debug messages have been added to the preview, and multiple domains are now allowed.


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